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All services include 30 minutes in our water area.

Facial treatment made with organic and vegan products that provide hydration to all skin types with Bulgarian Rose.
Luxurious cleansing ritual with organic and vegan products that helps the skin get rid of all its impurities, erase the damage caused by pollution and recover a radiant and luminous appearance. Thanks to techniques designed to detail, an extraction process using an ultrasonic spatula, with two masks (one of activated carbon fabric and another tea tree purifier) accompanied by a mist-shaped tonic will make the pores of the skin be treated carefully, purified and softened.
Ultra repairing treatment specially made for those skins who need deep nourishing on the face and neck area. During the treatment we do a complete face massage with the exclusive technique SCENS RENIEW achieving unique results together with an amazing multisensorial experience.
Thanks to the combination of L’ELIXIR and LE MASQUE ULTRA RICHE and the powerful repairing ingredients that this contains such as Shea Butter will lead to an intense regeneration of the skin plus a lifting and luminous effect.
Facial treatment for dry skin, devitalized, malnourished and lack of density, characteristic of people under stress or tired situations. Based on the regenerating, firming and antioxidant properties of Dragon’s Blood.
Firming anti-aging facial treatment performed with high quality organic and vegan products and regenerators that provide the skin with all the antioxidants necessary to give it luminosity. Through the massage with lifting effect, the muscles relax, the skin becomes elastic and the facial oval regains its definition and firmness. Essential before a special event, when we need an extra supply of energy in the skin and eliminate the signs of fatigue immediately.
  • Vida Estética Award – Best Beauty Treatment.
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