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All services include 1 hour in our water area.

Facial 30 min / Body 30 min

An awesome facial and body experience for all your senses; thanks to Organic & Vegan oils of orange blossom oil extracts provides serenity and vitality. One hour of experience that change the look of your skin and lead you to a full state of relaxation.

Facial 30 min / Body 60 min

This ritual combines a full body massage that eases pain, eliminates tension caused by stress, and unwinds muscle knots with our Decontracturant oil with cannabis and arnica ingredients , after this we finish the ritual with a personalized facial for all type with Bulgarian rose.

Facial 60 min / Body 30 min

Amazing ritual that starts with a relaxing massage made with Baobab, Lavandin and Bergamot oils. Then we give way to an ultra moisturizing facial treatment that gives the skin an immediate feeling of comfort and well-being. After the application of a mask with high content of nutrients along with the avocado and argan oil, the skin regains its hydration and luminosity.

Facial 60 min / Scrub 15 min / Body 45 min

Relaxing and complete ritual that is a real facial and body experience with which tensions are released and activates the luminosity of all your skin.
It starts with a body peel that deeply cleanses the skin of the body. Eliminating the dead cells and preparing it for the application and massage with the dermoprotective organic oil.
An elixir of baobab and organic grape that with the essential oils of bergamot and lavandin provide an immediate well-being, toning the skin and releasing it from stress.
Once the massage is completed we give way to the sublime anti-aging treatment, ideal for stressed, devitalized and malnourished skin. Changing and improving the expression of the face thanks to the kobido massage.
Essential before a special event, when we need an extra supply of energy to the skin and eliminate the signs of fatigue immediately.
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