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Signature Spa,
vegan and organic luxury in Barcelona

The first vegan spa in our country,
located in the Yurbban Passage hotel, uses beauty products
vegans and made with 100% natural ingredients.

Signature Spa 3

Located on Trafalgar Street in Barcelona, ​​just a few minutes from Plaza Cataluña and las Ramblas, is the first vegan and sustainable personal care center in Spain, the Signature Spa. In addition to offering 100% vegetable treatments, it is located in a carefully designed environment, as it is part of the Yurban Passage Hotel.

Signature Spa 2

Although in the same area we already found healthy food options, there was no center in which to enjoy a spa without worrying about whether the treatments fit into the vegan and sustainable philosophy, options that increasingly have more followers.

Signature Spa

The space in which the Signature Spa is located dates from 1878, so the intervention in the architecture has been minimal to respect the past of the original building. Visitors can enjoy a piece of the history of the city while swimming in a heated pool, in addition to other services such as sauna, steam bath, individual and double treatment cabins.

Once the treatment is finished, the Signature offers the possibility to enjoy the views of the city from the rooftop, where you can have a drink in the chill out area.

The fact that it is a spa with vegan treatments implies that the products they use for them do not have any component of animal origin in their formulation. The use of Scens, a Spanish organic and 100% vegetable brands stand out.

Signature Spa 6

The treatments are undoubtedly the most important part of this spa. One of them, the Eternal Signature Lifting Experience, has won the Aesthetic Life Award for Best Emblem Treatment in Cabin 2018, with which it is clear that a vegan and organic treatment can compete at a high level with other more conventional ones and, even, overcome them.

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