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All services include 30 minutes in our water area.

Relaxing massage done with organic and vegan oils based on aromatherapy. Especially suitable for all those people who want to disconnect from the routine and eliminate physical and mental stress in a relaxing environment.
This firm and effective pressure massage is customized to eliminate pain and stress tensions and contractures. The therapist applies organic and vegan body oil made with Canabis, Sesame and Clove essential oil using the hands, elbows and forearms with deep and relaxing movements.
Deep facial and body decontracting massage ideal to release physical tensions of the skull, back and bruxism. It begins with a therapeutic body massage and continues with a massage centered on the upper body, covering shoulders, neck, face and head. It’s our most complete massage.
Massage specially designed to recover the legs after a long day, combat heaviness on hot days and avoid fluid retention. Supported by the technique of the maderoterapia and the oil l’HUILE MINCEUR by means of the use of diverse wooden utensils designed to adapt perfectly to the different areas of the body.
Deep and intense massage that combines different stretching techniques and pressure points. It helps prevent muscle breakage and micro-cracks, as well as being very effective in eliminating toxins, realigning muscle fibers, relieving muscle fatigue, providing greater flexibility and greater range of joint movement.
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