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During such an important time as pregnancy, self-care is essential. Remember that as you pamper yourself, you are also taking care of the baby you are carrying. During pregnancy, your body changes and goes through different stages: you get heavier, your abdomen grows, your pelvis shifts. This process can cause stress, discomfort or even pain. The odds are that you get tired, suffer backache, experience swelling legs and feet, and may retain water. Your skin might develop stretch marks. To soothe all of these inconveniences, there is nothing better than indulge yourself in a relaxing and soothing prenatal treatment.

All services include 30 minutes in our water area.

Massage that will help relieve discomfort, balance emotions and achieve a total state of relaxation using techniques specially adapted for pregnant women.
Firming anti-aging facial treatment performed with high quality organic and vegan products and regenerators that provide the skin with all the antioxidants necessary to give it luminosity.

Facial 30 min / Body 25 min

An awesome facial and body experience for all your senses; thanks to Organic & Vegan oils of orange blossom oil extracts provides serenity and vitality. One hour of experience that change the look of your skin and lead you to a full state of relaxation.A supreme facial and body treatment that hydrates and regenerates your skin. It is, in essence, an ideal moment of relaxation to ameliorate the well-being of both mother and baby.
Luxurious cleaning ritual with organic and vegan products that helps the skin get rid of all its impurities, erase the damage caused by pollution and recover a radiant and luminous appearance. Thanks to techniques designed to detail, an extraction process by means of an ultrasonic spatula, active carbon tissue masks and organic rice powder accompanied by a mist-shaped tonic will cause the pores of the skin to be treated with care, purify and soften.
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