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During such an important time as pregnancy, self-care is essential. Remember that as you
pamper yourself, you are also taking care of the baby you are carrying. During pregnancy, your
body changes and goes through different stages: you get heavier, your abdomen grows, your
pelvis shifts. This process can cause stress, discomfort or even pain. The odds are that you get
tired, suffer backache, experience swelling legs and feet, and may retain water. Your skin might
develop stretch marks. To soothe all of these inconveniences, there is nothing better than indulge
yourself in a relaxing and soothing prenatal treatment.

All services include 1 hour in our water area.

A deep hygienic facial suitable for all skin types. This is a lovely treatment that befittingly pampers your skin: it thoroughly cleanses, balances skin metabolism, provides natural anti-oxidant principles and essential fatty acids that improve skin elasticity, hydrate and firm skin tone.
This wonderful facial treatment restores smoothness and brightness to stressed out skin. Through the natural anti-oxidant principle ingredients, it prevents skin aging.
This light peeling with rice powder has an in-depth cleansing action and is followed up by a relaxing massage with the best essential oils to hydrate and soothe your skin.
This massage is especially suitable during pregnancy to moisturize, alleviate muscle contractions and relax joints. Moreover, it helps restore emotional balance and reduce stress.

Facial 30 min / Body 30 min

A supreme facial and body treatment that hydrates and regenerates your skin. It is, in essence, an ideal moment of relaxation to ameliorate the well-being of both mother and baby.
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